ICEDA’s logo was designed by one of our student members; Julie Robitaille.

Intersectoral Centre for Endocrine Disruptor Analysis (ICEDA) logo

The main idea behind our logo is the use of the chemical structure of a steroid hormone. Each cycle of the structure represents one of ICEDA’s research themes.

Cycles A to D form a nucleus called sterane
Cycle A : Theme 1

The magnifying glass and the erlenmeyer illustrate ICEDA’s first research theme: Detection, Monitoring, Modelling and Treatment of endocrine disruptors. The main objective of this research theme is to develop effective protocols for the detection of endocrine disruptors to enhance their monitoring and the ability to model their levels in the environment, as well as to discover improved techniques for treating liquid and solid matrices contaminated by endocrine disruptors.

Cycle B : Theme 2

The spermatozoids and ovule illustrate ICEDA’s second research theme: Disruption of the Reproductive Axis. The main objective of this research theme is to determine the regulatory mechanisms underlying reproduction affected by endocrine disruptors.

Cycle C : Theme 3

The brain, pancreas and thyroid gland illustrate ICEDA’s third research theme: Other Physiological Disruptions. The main objective of this research theme is to elucidate the effects of endocrine disruptors on physiology and overall health other than reproduction, which is the focus of theme 2.

Cycle D : Theme 4

The hand, the Earth and the tree leaf illustrate ICEDA’s fourth research theme: Environmental Regulatory Strategies and Implementation. The objective of this research theme is to explore existing and upcoming legal consequences and policies internationally that could inspire a possible Canadian policy on endocrine disruptors.