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The Intersectoral Centre for Endocrine Disruptors Analysis (ICEDA) is a research network dedicated to inform, assist and serve as a resource for academia, government authorities, non-profit organizations, the industry as well as the Canadian population, to identify, recognize, quantify and manage endocrine disruptors. ICEDA also promotes intersectoral collaborations and encourages the sharing and exchange of data and methodologies.

ICEDA's research covers the following areas

Animal and Environmental Health

Human Health

Water Treatment

Analytical Chemistry


Environmental Policies

What is an endocrine disruptor?

Endocrine disruptors are substances generally developed by humans that can influence their endocrine systems and that of animals, thus affecting their overall health, and in some cases, the health of their progeny. Endocrine disruptors include pharmaceuticals, household products, plasticizers, chlorinated pesticides and many other environmental contaminants.

Why create the Intersectoral Centre for Endocrine Disruptors Analysis (ICEDA)?

The mission of ICEDA is to bring together renowned scientists with complementary interest and skills in Canada and internationally to assist all government agencies, the industry , non-profit organizations and Canadians in identifying, quantifying and managing endocrine disruptors.

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