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Aleksandra Buha DjordjevicProfessorUniversity of BelgradeHer research interests focus on toxicological risk assessment for environmental pollutant.English, SerbianEmail Address
Bernard RobaireProfessorMcGill UniversityHis research interests focus on the effects of environmental toxicants on male reproduction and on aging of the male reproductive system.French, EnglishEmail Address
Cathy VaillancourtProfessorInstitut national de la recherche scientifiqueHer group's research is interested in the implication of environmental factors on the endocrinology and the development of the human placenta.French, EnglishEmail Address
Christopher KassotisProfessorWayne State UniversityHis lab is focused on identifying and characterizing endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) and mixtures, as well as their potential impacts on human/animal health - with a particular focus on metabolic health (e.g. obesity, etc.).EnglishEmail Address
Géraldine DelbèsProfessorInstitut national de la recherche scientifiqueDetermine how exposure to medical substances or the environment, during periods of particular sensitivity in life, can alter male fertility.French, EnglishEmail Address
Gunilla ObergProfessorThe University of British ColumbiaHer research deals with science for policy, the notion of expertise in complex areas where science is uncertain and disputed, and the silent exclusion of expertise that clashes with dominant science.EnglishEmail Address
Isabelle PlanteProfessorInstitut national de la recherche scientifiqueHer group's research is interested in mammary gland development, breast cancer and the influence of environmental contaminants.French, EnglishEmail Address
Jan MennigenProfessorUniversity of OttawaThe overarching goal of his research is to determine how environmental factors (both natural and anthropogenic) shape metabolic phenotypes in teleost fish across their life-cycle and between generations.French, EnglishEmail Address
Jonathan VerreaultProfessorUQAMHe focuses its attention on halogenated flame retardants (HFR), substances found in many consumer objects including some upholstered furniture, electronic equipment, plastics, etc., and whose effects on the environment and organisms are still under-documented.French, EnglishEmail Address
Lise ParentProfessorTÉLUQHer work is mainly in the area of ​​measuring and estimating human and environmental exposure to endocrine disruptors and their effects related to environmental contamination.French, EnglishEmail Address
Melnay JuarezPhD CandidateInstitut national de la recherche scientifiqueExposure to brominated flame retardants during sensitive periods of development (breast and ovarian cancers).French, English, SpanishEmail Address
Satinder Kaur BrarProfessorYork UniversityValue-addition of wastes and removal of emerging contaminants (eg. biopesticides and biofertilizers using wastewater).French, EnglishEmail Address
Vance TrudeauProfessorUniversity of OttawaHis group's research is directed towards understanding how the vertebrate brain regulates anterior pituitary hormones that control sexual development and reproduction using fish and frog models.French, EnglishEmail Address
Vicki MarlattProfessorSimon Fraser University Her research entails environmental toxicology, endocrinology, animal physiology, and molecular biology/toxicology in vertebrate and invertebrate models. EnglishEmail Address
Yeonseon JeonPhD CandidateMcGill UniversityUnderstanding the variability in avian transcriptomic responses to environmental chemicals.EnglishEmail Address

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