ICEDA relies on the leadership of the Executive Committee and the Coordinator for its day-to-day administration.


The essence of ICEDA is the active participation of its members, especially at the annual general meeting, where the vision of the research network is shared by the Scientific Committee to members to be discussed and endorsed. The annual general meeting is also the time to vote on the positions to be filled. Members include regular INRS members, collaborating members who come mainly from academic and government institutions, but also from the private sector and NPOs, as well as students and postdoctoral members.


The Executive Committee is responsible for strategically planning the various activities of the group and evaluating the achievements of the group. It is composed of the director and the co-director who are assisted by the ICEDA coordinator.


An External Steering Committee guides the Scientific Committee annually. The Steering Committee is composed of a representative of the following organizations: Health Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada, the provincial government, and the municipal government. It also includes a representative of the public, an international representative, as well as the participation of the director and the co-director of ICEDA. 
The Scientific Committee ensures the scientific planning of the group. It is composed of thematic leaders, post-doctoral and student leaders, the director, the co-director, and the coordinator of ICEDA.
The Training Committee is headed by two trainee leaders, a post-doctoral fellow and a student, and involves at least five other post-doctoral fellows and/or students. It allows the ideas and initiatives of the next generation of scientists to be directly involved in the management of the group. This committee is also in charge of public communication, organizes training workshops, and collaborates in the organization of the annual research day.


ICEDA also has four satellite committees: 

  • Empowerment Committee : The Empowerment Committee provides resources and organizes activities and workshops aimed at promoting Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) and professional development.
  • Committee on Research Initiatives and Excellence : The Committee on Research Initiatives and Excellence manages the portfolio for postdoctoral / student awards and travel grants for conferences or collaborations. This committee is also responsible for evaluating new members’ applications.
  • Government Relations Committee : The Government Relations Committee aims to be a solid and dynamic communication link with decision makers to allow ICEDA members to effectively transfer their knowledge to the right users of information and to promote collaborations between ICEDA members and the various government authorities.