Student Presentations – Popular Science Contest

ICEDA wishes to highlight the talents of popularizers of its student community at his annual general meeting.

Popularize your research project in video


To present your research project in a simple, popularized and creative way. 


3-minute video presentation. Any video file format is accepted. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Target Audience

General population. With your consent and that of your supervisor, your video presentation will be broadcast on our YouTube channel.



4 Prizes of $500

The best video presentation in each category will receive a $500 cash prize. These winners will not be eligible for the ”public’s favourite prize”.

1 Prize of $100

There will also be a $100 cash prize for the public’s favourite (only participants who have agreed to have their presentation broadcast on our YouTube channel and have obtained the approval of their supervisor can participate in the public’s favourite).

The 5 winning video presentations will be broadcast at our general meeting. The winners must therefore be present at this day, as a question period is planned after the broadcast of each of the winning video presentations.


You must submit your video presentation along with an image to illustrate your presentation by midnight November 1, 2021, at presentations.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Popularization (accessibility of speech)
  • Proficiency in the subject matter
  • Ideas structure and organization (engages audience interest)
  • Presentation quality (visual medium aesthetics; language quality)
  • Dynamism and fluidity (transmits his passion for his subject)
  • Creativity and originality
  • Respect for the time allocated


You must be a post-doctoral or student member of ICEDA to participate in this contest. To become a member, click here.

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Do you have any questions about this contest? Do not hesitate to contact us!